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Photography by Walter

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Your future is before you, anything and everything is possible. Photography by Walter Portrait Studio will provide you with portraits, that best express who you are. Together we can create images that will help you remember ...


    Come in and experience our GREEN SCREEN setups.

    This is where it begins...

  • We recommend a bright and colorful coordinated full lenth outfit make sure there is no shades of green in your outfit.
  • Be sure to bring in accessories that express the real you.
  • Please make sure you do not have the color green in your outfits or accessories.
  • Formal portraits are next. (This image is used for most yearbooks)

    Tuxedos and Drapes are provided by the studio

  • Ladies just bring a white or black spaghetti strape top, small white pearls necklace,
  • Gentlemen please were a white undershirt.
  • Your final destination caps and gowns.

    The traditional motarboard is put on at the very end of your photography sitting.

  • Ladies are asked not ware high hair styles.
  • Gentlemen are asked to bring a white dress shirt and black tie.

    Fourty dollars ($40.00)

  • This must be paid at the time portraits are made in cash money order or any major credit card.