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Hey, Thanks for looking at my site. There's not a whole lot of "Glitz" to it mostly just my photo's.

If the site looks rough around the is. I'm a photographer, not a website designer!

I want you to look at the Photo's and decide if you like my style. If so, I'm sure we can make you happy.

I have about 30 years experience with a camera now so whatever type of photo's your looking for I've probally done them at one time or another. So, please look around all you want and then contact me to discuss your needs.







the pricing in the store is listed. When you view your photos you can see what the individual prices are. If a size is not listed, please e-mail and I'll add it to the list for you.

If you are looking for Event and Wedding prices......Why pay a fixed price? Call me, let me show you what I can do and see exactly what you are looking for. With this information I can give you a custom price to suit your needs.

Here is the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Way to go Lance! (pop-up link)

Here is the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Way to go Lance! (non-pop-up link)



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