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Jim Powell Photography has captured photographic memories since 1975 and is a full service photography studio located in Yuma, Colorado - approx. 130 miles east of Denver.

This is a Regional studio, set up to travel on location hundreds of miles away. Due to the amount of equipment I travel with and airport restrictions, I prefer to stay within 1,000 miles for driving purposes. Call to make arrangements, you will find them very fair as I do not charge mileage up to certain distances.

Weddings, Seniors and Families is my specialty. I am best known for natural outdoor photography with seniors, also "Studio Lighting" and "Bouquet Style" group arrangements for weddings and families. This arranging technique is unique, uniform and balanced, giving equal area to everyone in the group.

The studio is located in the center of Yuma's downtown business district, housed in a beautiful retored historic three level grand hotel built in 1912.


Setting Fees


1. Jim Powell Photography has FREE SETTING FEES and FREE MILEAGE (radius of 250 miles). For High School Senior Portraits all of your High School requirements are FREE OF CHARGE and deadlines are kept track of here, your choice of portraits for the yearbook, wallet for the school "Senior Class Composite", Newspaper and Slideshows are provided and you don't have to worry about a thing.

Some of the locations I travel to do senior portraits AT NO COST are: Grand Lake, Estes Park, Boulder, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, Central City, Downtown Denver, Elitch Gardens and many other surrounding areas.

With senior portraits I take an average of 150 to 300 images for you to choose from. Since all setting fees and destinations are FREE...... If you dont like anything, it didnt cost you anything, but my bet is you will have a hard time choosing.

2. Additional Mileage, charged after above mentioned Free mileage, will be at .37/mile

3. Print pricing can be viewed under any "public gallery" photo session. Simply go into any session and click on any thumbnail and go to "View Price List"


Complete Wedding Packages starting at: $ 1,420.00

  • NOTE! No Mileage will be charged for the first 500 miles round trip. Thereafter mileage will be charged at .37/mile.
  • Coverage Includes:

  • 1. Up to 6 hours full coverage. (Portraits, Ceremony, Reception and Dance) Overtime will be charged at $75.00 / hr.
  • 2. FREE 16" x 20" basic print chosen from your wedding day.
  • 3. "STUDIO LIGHTING" for all indoor wedding locations.
  • 4. "BOUQUET STYLE" large group posing technique.
  • A $700.00 deposit is to be paid to hold your wedding date. We cannot save a day or time without this deposit since the wedding schedule fills from day to day. **Deposits are NOT refundable unless another wedding can be booked. The minimum balance of $720.00 is due the day of the wedding. NOTE! Not paying minimum final balance will delay posting your wedding pictures to this web site for viewing. Larger count packages can be ordered after being posted to this website and that balance is due upon order of that package. Family and friends are to order seperately from the internet and not included with album prints.

    No wedding plan needs to be defined at the time of booking. Hundreds of pictures will be shot at your wedding and posted to the internet. From this moment you are in control of what you spend to remember your wedding day. Simply go online and pick out the quantity of images you choose to go into your wedding album. The keepsake wedding album contains 4" x 6" prints in acid free sleeves, which you retain forever.

    Wedding Day Picture Schedule: The Studio's policy is to have all posed pictures taken prior to the wedding service. This includes Bride and Groom, Wedding Party Groups and Family Groups. Natural light pictures will be taken during the ceremony and I will attend the reception to do guest candids and all necessary photographs to complete the full coverage of your wedding memories. If you have special requests or have concerns about our policy please contact the studio and make arrangements prior the wedding booking.

    Wedding Packages:

    **The original $700.00 deposit, PLUS adding the desired package count below.

  • 100 Print Album: $ 720.00 (Minimum Order)
  • 150 Print Album: $ 920.00
  • 200 Print Album: $ 1,120.00
  • 250 Print Album: $ 1,320.00
  • 300 Print Album: $ 1,520.00
  • 350 Print Album: $ 1,720.00
  • 400 Print Album: $ 1,920.00
  • 500 Print Album: $ 2,320.00
  • 600 Print Album: $ 2,720.00
  • 700 Print Album: $ 3,120.00
  • 800 Print Album: $ 3,520.00
  • 900 Print Album: $ 3,564.00
  • 1000 Print Album: $ 3,600.00
  • Prints ranging from 4" x 6" to 30" x 40" are available and sold seperately.

    The average price for an 8" x 10" print is $38.00 each. A complete price list can be viewed under any wedding shown in the "public gallery" and by clicking on any thumbnail from that wedding.


    Outside Services

    Jim Powell Photography

    206 S. Main Street

    Yuma, CO 80759

    Phone (970) 848-2529

  • Photographer: Jim Powell - jpowell@plains.net

    Appointments and Questions: Jim Powell - jpowell@plains.net


  • Dorothy Eastin

    Yuma, CO

    (970) 848-2602

    (Cakes and Dinners - Will go anywhere


  • Flower's Express

    Yuma, CO


    Owner - Monica Kingoolate Elegance

    Yuma, CO

    DANCE DJ's:

  • MC Johnny Cruz

    Loveland, CO

    (970) 290-7117

    Toll Free: (866) 774-7456

    Email: juanmares@msn.com

    Website: www.mcjohnnycruz.com


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    "I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was watching you photograph Renee & Tyrell's wedding. I have been trying to get into photography for the last year and have had lots of fun with it. I would like to learn more and watching you was breath taking. I recognized your name as one of the web sites I had looked at before from shooting a wedding in Towanda, KS. They were awsome photos! Jim, if at anytime you come to Kansas again for a shoot, I would count it an honor if I could follow you, help you or whatever, just to be able to learn what I could from you. Again, it was great just to watch you shoot this wedding!"

    Connie Self

    Augusta, KS

    "Thank you very much for your efforts with Margie's senior pictures. We are so pleased with the results. We will definitely be back with our son!"

    Teresa Mailander

    Holyoke, CO

    "On behalf of Toby & Jackie, we all say thanks a million for being such a great wedding photographer! All the pictures turned out incredible! They were all so good, but we were most impressed by the one with Toby and his Grandmother Bernice."

    Diane K. Thompson

    Holyoke, CO

    "Thank you for providing our team with your professional photography and allowing us to show a great image at the National Western Stock Show as well as the National Cattlemens Convention."

    Seedstock Merchandising Team

    Colorado State University

    Ft. Collins, CO

    "Thank you very much for attending our prom and providing your excellent photography services for us. Your hard work and great quality is greatly appreciated. I'm sure you'll be back again next year."

    Isaac Kreider

    Holyoke, CO