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About Henry

I started taking pictures in 1967 during the Expo 67 in front of downtown Montreal. During the 70s, I managed a photography store, worked as a semi pro photographer, developed and printed my own B&W and Colour prints and slides.

As it did not pay very well for a newly married man, I switched professions while still keeping all the photo gear, and studio lighting. During the early 90s, I sold just about all the stuff. I kept taking a few pictures using more automated equipment.

During the 80s, I shot a lot of pistol including International Handgun Metalic Silhouette (IHMSA) and I.P.S.C. I wrote and provided pictures to the newsletters of both associations. I discovered Sporting Clays in 1989 at La Roue du Roy and the largest D.U. tournament ever with 604 guns, in 1989. I even won the shoot-offs for B class. I met Kenny Gagnon of Quack. He had a Can-Am and Quack Tour going all over the Northeast. I followed him around. He gave me the nickname: "The Lone Canadian".

During the later years of the 90s, I wrote articles for The Clay Pigeon. SInce then, I write a regular column and provide features for ClayshootingUSA , occaisional articles for Reload and Clayshooting (UK). I travel around the World shooting clays and taking pictures.

Since I do not make my living with pictures, I find it much more enjoyable now, to take pictures, whether for a commercial client, a model or clay shooting and hunting. I also cannot spend much time playing with Photoshop or other picture manipulating software. Therefore, I don't use any! I compose all my pictures and visualise the results. At most, I might slightly crop some of the images.

I hope that you enjoy the visit.



Pictures of events and people are viewable in the “Storefront” link at the top menu. You may purchase for non-commercial personal use any of the pictures in the galleries in the “Storefront” section. Commercial use which includes and is not limited to: clubs, associations, not for profit organisations, websites, retail/wholesale businesses, manufacturers and advertising businesses, must contact the Sporting Photos Shop for permission and / or purchase rights.

Pictures purchased online are printed by a professional lab on the highest quality photographic paper that will not fade as prints made on a pc colour printer. The lab will adjust the colour saturation and make some fine adjustments. Shipping is within a few days. For urgent orders, please contact me by phone or email.

I can provide a full range of photographic services from a portable studio at your location, to hunting or shooting events, whether it is a corporate event or just a gathering of friends. I can take a group picture at the start and end of the day. Using the experienced gained from so many years of reporting and photographing for several magazines, I will take “action” shots throughout the day. A memorable souvenir CD can be had within several days after the event.

I also print several types of calendars each year: travels, shooting/hunting, flowers etc. I can also produce a calendar that can fulfil your specific needs. If you require an annual corporate report or corporate folder photography, I have the experience to do them. My artistic and commercial photography will be viewable through Scorpion Photo Media. The website will be operational soon.



Henry S.F. Nachaj

You may contact me at:

Telephone: 1-514-975-0676


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